PLaSK User Manual

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Section <connects>


The purpose of this section is to define the relations between solvers i.e. the connections of providers and receivers. There is only one type of tags allowed in this section:


Connect provider to receiver.

  • out (required) – Provider to connect in the format “solver_name.outProviderName” (or “filter_name.out”).
  • in (required) – Receiver to connect in the format “solver_name.inReceiverName”. If solver_name is a filter, this attribute should have form "solver_name[object]" or "solver_name[object@path]", where object (optionally specified by path) is the geometry in which the provider specified in out attribute provides data.


<connect out="therm.outTemperature" in="electr.inTemperature"/>
<connect out="therm.outTemperature" in="filter[geometry_object]"/>
<connect out="filter.out" in="other.inTemperature"/>